IMPORTANT - MLS Public Website BIC Forms

GRRA MLS Participants,
Below is a link to the document we were asked to distribute to all the MLS Participants in GRRA MLS.   Triad MLS has asked that this information needs to be acted upon by June 1, 2012.  Please read bellow and feel free to call Triad MLS at 336-841-1337 or GRRA with questions.  Fill out the Internet Traffic Routing Form and remit according to the instructions in the last paragraph of this e-mail.

 From the viewpoint of Triad MLS, a Participant is defined in our By Laws as follows:

  •   Any REALTOR® member of a Triad MLS Shareholder, a Subscribing Board or any other Board or Association of REALTORS® who is a principal, partner, corporate officer, or branch office manager acting on behalf of a principal, without further qualification, except as otherwise stipulated in these bylaws, shall be eligible to participate in the Service upon agreeing in writing to conform to the rules and regulations thereof and to pay the costs incidental thereto.
  •  Essentially, this form needs to be distributed to every office that has a unique office code in the MLS.  If a larger firm has multiple offices tied together, we will still need a separate completed form for each office with the Respective BIC’s name.


  • Although the ‘Firm’s’ decision may be consistent across all their offices, since it is designated in the NCREC, Association and MLS each BIC in charge of an individual office will need to provide this form.  

The form will need to be filled out by participants and e-mailed back to Triad MLS by close of business June 1st or the default settings will be implemented.  Triad MLS’s plan at this time is to soft launch the Triad website with the default settings (and any Participant specific settings we have been made aware of) on June 1st.    In addition, as stated in the form, we have the ability to change any settings on request from BIC at any time. 

Also, a very important item is how they should return this form to you all once it is completed.  As you will note, this is an electronic form and can only be edited in the appropriate fields.  As a result, when you distribute this to your folks, if you could ask them to complete, then click save as and save the form as their company name/address (Allen Tate-North Elm, Prudential Yost and Little Summerfield, RE/MAX Realty Consultants-Country Club, CB Triad etc.) and then return to you all via email.  You can then provide to us.

Please let us know if you have any questions concerning this.